Get to Know This Business Owner and Estate Sale Junkie

Deborah Charlton, President/CEO of PMR Companies, is the Most Admired Woman winner for the Business Owner category. While you may know a little about what she does as a strong career woman, there’s a lot more to Deborah that makes her unique. Read more about how she relaxes and why she says gardening is in her DNA.

Gardening is my stress reliever,” Deborah says. “I think it’s in my DNA because my grandmother was a gardener and my parents always had beautifully landscaped yards. I love to get out and work in the yard and plant flowers. You’re out there, you’re in the fresh air, you’re making something beautiful, the phone’s not ringing, you’re not sitting in front of the computer, and it gives you an opportunity to gather your thoughts in a clear moment. Also, this probably would surprise some people, but I am an estate sale junkie. On Saturday morning, one or both of my daughters or my daughter-in-law and I will get up and hit the estate sale route. It’s more about the hunt, and it’s fun just to spend time together. My husband and I purchased a lake house last year, and I furnished it with almost all vintage pieces picked up through estate sales and thrift stores. I think my clients would probably be surprised to see me relax.”