PMR Companies supports Earth Day 2019



On 4/22/19 every year it is Earth Day and has been since 1970.  PMR Companies is asking  you to support environmental protection and below are a few ideas for you. Remember, small changes add up to big differences.

  • Plant Something
  • Use a Refillable Water Bottle
  • Buy Local Produce and You Will Also Be Helping Farmers in The Area
  • Ride a Bike
  • Take A Hike
  • Recycle
  • Reduce Water Consumption by Fixing Any Dripping Faucets

In honor of Earth Day, PMR Companies has joined the Adopt-A-Mile program sponsored by Brightside.  We will have a designated mile that is our responsibility to keep clean and assist with beautification efforts within that mile.

pmr companies is going the extra mile to make a difference and you should to.