PMR Companies management processes are driven in many ways by its management information system, which is central to the control of the company’s entire portfolio.

PMR Companies utilizes a state of the art computer software program tailored for each owner’s individual needs and goals. Yardi Enterprise/Voyager is web-based software, which enables investors and owners alike to access reporting and viewing of their portfolio 24 hours a day. Yardi is an accounting and property management software. The accounting program was designed for PMR Companies with full cash and accrual based accounting along with integrated word-report writer that can meet the special needs of our clients. Yardi allows expense control, which maximizes the return on each dollar spent.

Each property management office functions as a stand alone profit center, inputting daily operational information into personal computers on-site. A host computer in corporate office in Houston collects information from every site every day, compiles and summarizes it, and prepares daily management reports.

Up to the minute information is always instantly available on occupancy rates, leases, move-ins, move-outs, vacancies, collections, delinquencies, and the make-ready of vacant units. The system also maintains up to date demographic information on residents, provides leasing summaries by leasing agent, and even reports on replacement dates and warranty information for HVAC systems, appliances, and carpeting in every unit.

The result is a continuous flow of accurate numbers for quick analysis, including automated daily cash balances on every property. As a result, PMR Companies always knows how all its properties are operating. Daily inputting of the required data imposes a management discipline, indicates exactly which units are vacant throughout the entire system, and enables PMR Companies to concentrate on effective leasing with 100% occupancy as a target.